Creamy mash with grilled chicken

One of my easiest meals after a long day at work!

Serves two

Ingredients for the mash:

  • four large potatoes
  • a pinch of coriander
  • 25g of grated cheddar cheese (you can use any of your choice)
  • 25g of butter
  • a pinch of salt

Ingredients for the spaghetti carrots:

  • two large carrots
  • a teaspoon of coconut oil (use any oil of your choice)

Method -mash

  1. peel potatoes and cut in four.
  2. boil for twenty minutes or until soft
  3. drain water, add butter, cheese and salt
  4. mix and mash thoroughly

Method – carrots

  1. peel carrots and cut into strings
  2. heat up oil for 30 secs and add carrots
  3. fry for 3 minutes

Plate the mash and spaghetti carrots, adding coriander to season.  Complement this dish with grilled chicken (see separate recipe for the meat)


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