Sizzling sea bass…

I love the simplicity and flavour of this dish… not over powering, it’s just right!
serves two


  • two sea bass (washed and peeled)
  • four medium sized potatoes
  • two lemons
  • a packet of green leaf salad
  • one carrot
  • a teaspoon of seafood spice
  • a teaspoon of black pepper
  • a teaspoon of white pepper
  • a teaspoon of all purpose spice
  • a cube of maggi
  • a handful of cheese
  • a teaspoon of oil (whichever you prefer)


sea bass

  1. clean and wash sea bass ensuring that all shells are removed
  2. dry fish and lay on chopping board to marinate
  3. rub in seafood spice, black and white pepper and the maggi cube into the skin of the sea bass (ensure that the inside of the fish is equally seasoned)
  4. cut a lemon into rings and stuff these into the sea bass
  5. place in foil and drizzle with oil
  6. cook in oven at 180C / 350F for 15 minutes


  1. wash potatoes and partially slice them  horizontally (slice half way into the potatoes)
  2. boil for 10 mins and then remove to bake
  3. season with all purpose spice then, place on a foil lined baking tray
  4. drizzle grated cheese on potatoes and place in oven
  5. cook potatoes for 15 mins until cheese melts into them


  1. wash green leaf salad and drain
  2. grate the carrot and arrange salad on a plate (add dressing if you wish)

You are ready to serve and eat!


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